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VoIP stands for "Voice Over Internet Protocol" and is most commonly considered as a telecoms solutions

VoIP works by converting the sound of your voice into a live data stream then transmitting this back and two at high speeds to form a conversation. This can be VoIP to VoIP or VoIP to analogue (for example a VoIP onto the standard BT network).

There are many elements which VoIP providers control which dictate whether the quality of the VoIP call is going to be good or bad. It is vital for potential VoIP customers to understand these and be able to ensure that a potential supplier is adhering to them.

When VoIP is supplied correctly the quality of a VoIP phone call is far in excess of a standard analogue or ISDN (digital) phone call. Customers new to our VoIP service often comment about the clarity of the voice call. Our VoIP platform actively reduces ambiant noise common with standard phone calls (also known as fuzz). As our VoIP network is also HD enabled, the actual clarity of the sound is boosted.

To ensure this consistent quality, significant knowledge and constant investment is required to provide a robust, secure network.

We offer a wide range of phones to suit every business requirement. Our VoIP phones (also known as IP phones) are designed specifically for business use. Every phone we provide is able to utilise all the vital features considered in any high level phone system; this includes both our desk best and walkabout phones.

You only require a small amount of bandwidth to enable a good quality VoIP call. The quality of the providers network is more important, and details of our Award Winning Network on our website. A detailed explanation of broadband requirements can be found below the FAQ section on this page. You can also test your current speeds too.

You are also able to use our website to check if you can access any a faster speeds in your area as well.

VoIP Phone Systems offers an award winning series of solutions to help customers continue to make and receive calls in the event of a local broadband outage or loss of power. If you do lose power or your internet connection, within a maximum of 2 minutes our monitoring servers will see that they are not longer able to communicate with your phones.

Once our server has identified your phones are not connected, you will receive an SMS notifying you that our failover service has been activated. Anyone calling your business will still hear any welcome messages you may have setup. Calls can then either be diverted over to the numbers you have specified for failover (this can be a mixture of up to 20 different landlines and mobile). Diverted calls can ring all at once or in a hunt group. Once your broadband is restored, your divert is automatically taken off.

Using our free mobile app, all phone users can also link their mobiles phones to the phone system as their respective extension. This app can be left active allowing incoming calls to be twinned, or turned on when required. When active any calls into your phone system will call via the app and conversations can be handled as normal using a 3G or 4G connection. Outgoing calls via the app are routed through the phone system and work in exactly the same way as a call made from an IP deskphone.

In all eventualities, a local outage of power or broadband will not effect your ability to make and receive calls.

Any broadband service will support VoIP perfectly. As broadband is a requirement of VoIP we offer this service to our customers at lower than market prices. This allows us to support both integeral elements of our VoIP solution, speeding any queries or fault reporting.

Our broadband is VoIP Assured. This means that the connection prioritises VoIP traffic over standard data protecting voice quality no matter what else the connection is being used for.

If you want or need to use your own broadband, then we can apply Quality of Service to the router to achieve the same result.

A VoIP phone system is capable of doing anything that a standard phone system can do and then much more.

VoIP has been built around modern technology and data (broadband) and are far more versitile than analogue and ISDN phone systems built in the 80's.

One of the key advantages of VoIP is that all of the expensive equipment is hosted (stored in the cloud) rather than stored on site. This includes the PBX, better know as a phone system control panel, user interface or portal; it is how you make changes to how your phone system works.

This portal is designed to be user friendly and allow you to make changes to every aspect of your system.

A can review our full list of features to see what our Award Winning VoIP phone system can do for your business.

A hosted VoIP phone system does not require any special onsite equipment apart from VoIP phones themselves. No engineer is required to come to site to install the VoIP phone system and there is no onsite technical setup required.

The VoIP phones only need a mains power supply and an internet connection as they are preconfigured. Once they have booted up they will connect to your private phone system on our hosted VoIP platform. This platform controls every element of your phone system.

Desk phones require a wired internet connection using a standard Ethernet cable exactly like you would put into the back of a PC.

Walkabout VoIP phones have a base station which again required a wired internet connection. This base station gives off a DECT signal which the walkabout phones connect to wirelessly. The range is around 30 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoor. Up to 5 walkabout phones can be pair per base station.

If you require a VoIP deskphone where there is no ethernet cable, we have a range of simple, low cost solutions meaning you will not be required undertake any cabling.

VoIP phones have an ethernet in and out port. This means you can use an existing internet cable (supplying a connection for a PC as an example) to provide connectivity to the phone. A spare internet cable is supplied with the phone which connects from the PC port on the phone back to the PC. This means only one data port on a wall or in a router is required to offer connectivity to a phone and PC.

If you placed and order for a single VoIP handset in the morning with us, we would be in a postion to ship the fully preconfigured VoIP phone to you same day for next day delivery.

This is owning to the fact that our Award Winning technology allows for rapid, seamless provisioning of our hardware whether it is one handset or one hundred.

The only two potential parts of a VoIP implementation which sit outside of our ability to control are:

- Installing new broadband lines if required.

- Porting your telephone numbers.

A new broadband line would only be required where there is a significant shortage of bandwidth to the degree that QoS would not help. In this case we would book an Openreach engineer out to install a new line with ADSL or fibre on it. Depending on broadband product ordered this can be a 10 working day lead time.

The vast majority of businesses coming to VoIP will want to port their number. This tends to happen as the final step once the system has been setup and the customer happy.

Number porting (see below) takes around 10 working days on average.

We are able to port your phone numbers and there is no downtime.

Porting a phone number is typically the last part of the process. We send an electronic port request to your old provider. They should respond in around 5 working days with a proposed port date. It states "proposed" as they will send you an email to confirm you are aware of this porting request. As long as your supplier is not told to cancel the port this becomes a "confirmed date".

On the confirmed date your number ports to us in real time and your calls then route to your VoIP phone system. We recommend that you then contact your old supplier to ensure they have updated their billing system accordingly.

VoIP Phone Systems have been in the market for over 8 years. Our technology has won Internet Telephony Product of the Year for 4 years running. This is a nationally recognised award which all major suppliers enter to be considered for.

VoIP Phone Systems LTD is also a VoIP specialist supplier. We do not supply mobile, fixed line packages or ISDN phone systems. All our investment and expertise is focused on VoIP so that we can do one thing better than anyone else.

We also boast the highest quality and most reliable VoIP network in the UK.

Our UK only team ensure that all calls are answered in 60 seconds and you'll never need to speak to more than two people to get your query resolved.

No matter the size of your business, you will be fully account managed and your first point of call for any queries.

On our about us page are more reasons to choose us.

Over 80% of the VoIP phone systems we setup are free of charge including the handsets, configuration and customisation.

Over 90% of our systems cost our customers a one off charge of only £140 or less where a new router was required to support VoIP.

We recommend that you get an instant online quote as this will tell you exactly what any one off hardware fees could be.

That depends on how many handsets you choose, whether you need any extra services and what tariff or plan you choose.

We recommend that you get an instant online quote as this will tell you a very accurate figure.

You can also call us free on 0808 168 5888 and press option 1. Any of our sales team will take your requirements and email you a quote. Don't worry, we're not a pushy company.

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Is My Broadband Good Enough?

A stable broadband connection is more important than fast speeds.

A VoIP phone call uses your upload and download speeds at the same time. Only 85kb of bandwidth is required for a high quality call. There are 1,000kb in 1mb.

Example: You have an upload speed of 0.8mb (800kb). Divide your 800kb upload speed by 85kb (the bandwidth required for a VoIP call). This shows you could make just over 9 similtaneous VoIP calls if you did nothing else on the internet.

If you upload or download large files, or stream other data like iPCCTV, then we may need to use QoS (Quality of Service). This is a process whereby we ringfence a little bandwidth at all times for your VoIP phone system. This way if you do use the internet in such as way that would normally effect the quality of a VoIP call, it remains unaffected.

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