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Your Business Needs

At VoIP Phone Systems we'll be able to ask the right questions to discover what your actual business telephony needs are. We know that just one phone doesn't suit all business types and individuals. Becuase we're a VoIP only specialist business, we know what works.

The Taylored Solution

Buying a phone with too many features can be as challenging as a phone with too few. Once we understand the different roles of the people who will be using the phones, we'll make reccomendations to ensure that everyone has the phone which best fits them.

Quality & Cost

We only use phones supplied by the most reliable and recognised VoIP handset suppliers in the industry. Not only do we access large volume related discounts, but we further subsidise our VoIP hardware. This means you'll benefit from high quality phones for the lowest possible price.

Knowledge & Support

Not only will we ensure you choose the right phone, but we'll ensure deploying it is as simple as plug and play. Our business is made up of VoIP specialists, IT professionals and network engineers. Even if you don't have Ethernet cables to where you want your phones to be, we'll provide you with low cost solutions that take moments to get in place.

So, whats next?

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If you call us our friendly UK team will answer in 60 seconds or less. We don't use call centres or endless option menus. It's just good old customer care that's friendly, professional and fast.

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