FREE Call Divert
Landline To Mobile

  • Divert Without Call Charges
  • No Need To Change Supplier
  • Divert Calls To Multiple Numbers
  • Diverted Calls Confirmed
  • Block Unwanted Calls
  • Same Day Setup
  • Optional Hold Music
  • Add Additional Numbers
  • Hold Unlimited Calls
  • Online Control Panel
free landline to mobile call divert
Divert Landline To Mobile
Divert your incoming calls to multiple numbers free of charge with a feature packed service.
No Call Costs
Same Day Setup
Virtual Landline Service
Get a local landline presence in any and every part of the UK.
Unlimited Numbers
Any Area Codes
Emergency Contact Service
Ring and connect to an unlimited number of destinations.
Huntgroups Available
Record Calls
Outbound Conference Service
Ring all your team and allow them to connect into a free conference service.
No Call Costs
Unlimited Members
Queuing Facility
Hold unlimited callers with your current number & create huntgroups.
Use Existing Number
Fast Setup
Overflow Service
Divert unanswered calls then cascade them out to all your destinations.
No Call Costs
Premium Features

How To Try This For Free

voip phone system setup
1. Register For Service
Sign Up For a Free Trial Below With No Card Needed

Try this service free for 14 days. At the end of the trial you will be prompted if you want to signup to continue. Just fill i the form below and we'll email you your dedicated free phone number to divert to & your portal details.
voip phone system contacts
2. Setup Any Numbers To Call
Add Unlimited Contacts To Call

Add any number of destinations to call when you divert through our service, or simply enter your own number. Change your current divert to your dedicated free phone number. This calls all your required contacts and displays your cal ID.
5 Star
3. Ready To Use & Improve
Change Your Incoming Call Divert Destination To Your Dedicated 0800

Calls diverted to your dedicated 0800 are free. Our service then calls any numbers you have entered with zero cost to you. You can choose from the features on this page. It's free for 14 days and you'll receive an optional signup link when you trial ends.
  • FREE From Your Landline To Your Mobile
  • Incoming Pre Connection Whisper
  • Divert To Multiple Numbers At The Same Time
  • Optionally Record Diverted Calls
  • Optional Divert Message For Caller
  • Choose Ringing or Hold Music When Diverting
  • Block Unwanted Calls From Diverting
  • Hold Callers if Multiple Calls Divert
  • Online Portal Control
  • Optionally Report Diverted Call Wait Times

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Divert Standard


Standard Diversion Features

  • FREE Divert With No Call Costs
  • Pre Connection Whisper
  • Divert To One Number
  • Ringing Sound on Divert
  • Immediate Divert
    (No Message)
  • Block UpTo 3 Unwanted Numbers
  • Hold UpTo 2 Callers
  • Limited Portal Access
  • Add 1 Extra Number
  • Call Recording + £2.00pm

Divert Plus


Enhanced Diversion Features

  • FREE Divert With No Call Costs
  • Pre Connection Whisper
  • [+] Divert UpTo 3 Numbers
  • [+] Ring or Hold Music on Divert
  • [+] Optional Caller Pre Divert Message
  • [+] Block UpTo 5 Unwanted Numbers
  • [+] Hold UpTo 5 Callers
  • [+] Online Portal Control
  • [+] Add UTo 3 Extra Numbers
  • Call Recording + £2.00pm

Divert Max


Premium Diversion Features

  • FREE Divert With No Call Costs
  • Pre Connection Whisper
  • [++] Unlimited Diverts
  • [+] Ring or Hold Music on Divert
  • [+] Optional Caller Pre Divert Message
  • [++] Block Unlimited Unwanted Numbers
  • [++] Hold Unlimited Callers
  • [+] Online Portal Control
  • [++] Unlimited Extra Numbers
  • Call Recording + £2.00pm

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