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VoIP Phone System

Follow Me allows incoming calls to call other extensions as well as extenal numbers such as landlines and mobiles.

When active, incoming calls will keep your office phone ringing whilst also ringing any other numbers of your choice. This allows you to answer either your office phone or any of the numbers the rule calls in case you have just stepped away from your desk.

You can take advantage of several key parameters such as:

How many rings before cascading

Cascade to up to 20 different extensions or external numbers

Define time delays between cascade numbers or ring all together

Use any inclusive minutes when cascading to an external number

Cascaded calls can show the callers phone number or the office number

When combined with time based rules, you can have Follow Me rules turn on and off at times and dates of your choice. These rules ensure that you can leave the office without having to worry about forgetting to turn your diverts on.

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