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Fraud Protection

Your Service is Protected at Every Level

Telecoms Fraud is a rising crime. With VoIP now replacing ISDN as the staple phone system for business, criminal gangs are also turning their eye to this industy and service.

Our network and portal is 100% secured with 128bit encryption, SSL security and PGP handshake. This means all calls made via our service cannot be intercepted.

The most common telecoms fraud happens when criminals are able to make calls to overseas premium rate numbers. The achieve this goal they would need to either set a VoIP on a divert to a premium rate number, or access the connection credentials which allow the phone to connect to the cloud PBX (phone system). This method of fraud is not possible with our service for 3 main reasons:

A premium rate bar stops any calls over a certain pence per minute from being made at all.

Credit Control Limits automatically review your call cost over a given period. As you approach that limit it is automatically extended. If your phone system began making a high amount of expensive calls, the credit monitoring system would not increase the limit and stop all calls being made.

IP authentication also ensures that only authorised phones from authorised internet connections can register to our system. This means that if a criminal was able to access your phones connection details they would be unable to register any device and make calls.

Our award winning platform and network provides total security at every level.

  • Set Maximum Pence Per Minute Limit
  • Automatically Block Premium Rate
  • Detects Fraudulant Usage & Blocks Outgoing Calls
  • Highly Secure Portal With IP Firewall
  • Government Level Data Centres
  • Fully Encrypted Transmission
  • Totally Offline Billing Platform

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