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  • No Credit Card Needed
  • Unlimited Calls Included
  • Desk Phone or Softphone
  • No Automatic Sign-in
  • Instantly Live Out The Box
  • No Installation Required
  • Fully Preconfigured
  • Online Portal Control
  • Free Phone System Features
  • Award Winning Provider
VoIP phone for business systems

Included in Free Trial

  • Unlimited UK Mobile Calls
  • Unlimited UK Landline Calls
  • Mobile App Linked to System
  • Inbound Caller ID
  • Divert on Demand & Rule Activation
  • Address Book
  • 100% Call Recording*
  • Additional Phone Numbers in Any Area Code*
  • Time of Day Inbound Call Rules
  • Dial-in Conference Service
  • Register Multiple Devices
  • Free Hold Music
  • Call Transer to Any Number
  • Outgoing Number Presentation
  • Follow me Service
  • Online Portal
  • Block Unwanted Calls
  • Free IP Deskphone & Choice of Upgrades
  • Voicemail to E-mail With Audio Attachment
  • Custom Voicemail Message

*Call recording subject to terms

System Features Explained

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Personalise Your Trial

Divert on DemandThis service allows you to enter a three digit code into your phone to quickly activate and deactivate diverts. These diverts redirect your calls to any number of your choice instantly without ringing your dekphone. You can have an unlimited number of rules so your calls reach you anywhere.
] Would you like divert on demand setup?
Follow MeFollow Me is a hunt group for incoming calls. This works with internal and external numbers. You can have your deskphone ring, then after X rings, it ALSO starts to dial a mobile. You can choose interval periods and have up to 20 different numbers in a hunt group.
] Would you like a Follow Me divert setup?

How it Works

Our 30 day free trials give you the opportunity to experience first hand the ease of use, cost savings and business advantages of a VoIP phone system.

You'll be sent a VoIP handset free of charge which takes as little as 2 minutes to setup so that you can start making & receiving free calls.

There is no need to change anything with your current setup and our service does not cause any interruption either.

You'll be able to access as much support as you need with our award winning customer care and technical support team. All your calls are answered within 60 seconds.

You'll also be assigned an account manager who will provide answers and support with any of your queries in the first instance. You'll have their email address, office number and free phone mobile number in order to ensure you can contact them however you choose.

If you wish to go ahead at the end of your trial, then your account manager will discuss what solutions and tariffs will work for you.

If for any reason you decide that it's just not for you, then you simply return the phone and there are no charges or commitment.

Yes. There are no service charges to pay & all UK landline & UK mobile calls are included. There are no upfront costs and no credit or debit card details are required to begin your free trial.

Simply complete the form on our free trial page & your VoIP phone including all instructions will be despatched with 3 working days. An account manager will also give you a quick call to introduce themselves and ensure there are no questions or special requests.

By default we block all other call types to ensure that your free trial stays free. If you want to make calls to other destinations such as international we'll unlock these on request.

At the end of your trial you will receive a fully itemised invoice for calls outside of UK landline & mobile. All prices & rates are published on our website so you will be fully aware of all call costs outside of the inclusive destinations before your trial commences.

We have a selected range of models to choose from for both desk and walkabout phones.

Unless requested otherwise we will send you a Grandstream 1625 desk phone for the purposes of your trial. This will be fully preconfigured and is one of our most popular phones as it is provided free of charge with every VoIP license*. The GS 1625 has an easy to understand layout providing all the main business telephone functions.

Your phone arrives fully preconfigured exactly to your requirements. You only need to connect it to a mains power supply & the internet with a standard internet (Ethernet) cable. The phone will power up ready to make & receive calls.

No technical know how is required at all.

If your work station is not located near your internet router then we have a range of simple solutions. These allow you to still connect IP desk phones to the internet with no cabling required and with absolutely no impact on quality of service.

We provide unlimited customer care and technical support for the duration of your trial.

You can reach us on our free phone number 0808 168 5888 and via email Monday - Friday, 09.00 - 17.00. You are also assigned an account manager who will be your first point of contact for any queries you may have. You'll be issued your account managers free phone mobile number, email address and office number. 88% of our VoIP trials choose to continue, and if you decide that's what you want to do then your account manager will continue to provide the same support as during your trial.

All calls to our UK only offices are answered in 60 seconds and you'll never need to speak to more than two people to resolve any query.

When you make an outgoing call we will display your current business phone number. Even if you are paying your current supplier to present a non-geographic number such as an 0800 or 084 we'll still be able to present this without any costs.

This way you are able to benefit from the unlimited UK landline & mobile calls, as well as the superior call quality and features offered with our VoIP phones.

You will have already have spoken to your account manager as they will have called to introduce themself. If you have not already decided to go ahead before your trial comes to an end, then your account manager will get in touch a few days before your trial is due to end.

If for any reason you deceide that it's not for you, then you'll just need to send the phone with all original packaging back to us. There are no service charges to pay and any UK landline & mobile mobile calls are inclusive.

If you decide to go ahead, then your account manager will just discuss what pricing package suits you best. They are able to do this by looking at the calls you have made and can then choose the plan that best suits you. If you want to change the phone you have then your account manager will be able to arrange this, as well as what agreement period you want to enter into.

Once you have decided which options suit you best we'll send you some paperwork to sign and return.

You can port your number over to us from any supplier. There is no downtime or disruption when porting over a phone number to us.

Our porting team will contact your old supplier and let them know what numbers you wish to move over to us. We will then be supplied with a porting date which we'll communicate to you. Your number will port in realtime and there is no downtime as you'll already have your VoIP live on you desk.

Once your number has ported we advise that you just double check that your supplier has terminated your billing account.

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